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The Colorado Springs Film Commission staff is here to help you obtain the necessary permits for your film project (or to help you figure out if you do or don't need a permit). It's never too early to start, so please contact us as soon as you can.

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A permit is required if your production involves the use of, or has impact upon public property, traffic flow, pedestrian movement, public facilities, parks, sidewalks, street areas or the temporary use of private property in a manner that significantly varies from its current land use. If you do need a permit, you will need a current Certificate of Insurance in order to proceed with the permitting process.

Here are the most common permit requirements:

1. Filming in a City Park
If you plan to film at a city park, including Garden of the Gods, America the Beautiful Park, Memorial Park or other city park, you will need to fill out a permit application. The permit application fee is $25 and the cost to film in a City park starts at $250 per day. Road closures require an additional fee. When you submit your application, you must also submit a $1,000,000 certificate of insurance that names the City of Colorado Springs as additional insured. Turnaround time is typical 2-3 business days, though that is not guaranteed. You may contact the City directly about park permits.
Carly Kobasiar (ckobasiar 719.385.6519

2. Filming on a city street, in an alleyway or requiring the hooding of parking meters
If your film project requires road closures or other public accommodations, submit a permit application to Carly Kobasiar. In addition to the application, you will also need to provide a detailed traffic plan, map and certificate of insurance.
Carly Kobasiar (ckobasiar 719.385.6519

3. Filming in an El Paso County ParkTo film in a County park, fill out this event form and follow the instructions. A fee schedule can be found here: Park Facility Reservations (click on Special Event Fee Schedule link).

4. Filming on Pikes Peak Highway or the summit of Pikes Peak
Contact the Pikes Peak Highway directly for a permit application and information. The highway requests a 6-month lead time, but can work with you if your time frame is shorter. The cost to film on the highway begins at $2,000 per day on the highway and is lower if filming only on the summit. There is no single permit application to fill out. Contact Sandy by phone or email and explain where on Pikes Peak you plan to film and provide as much information as you can about the nature and duration of the shoot. She will then determine what jurisdictions need to be involved and help you through the permitting process.
Sandy Elliott (selliott 719.385.7705

5. Filming on the Manitou Incline
Filming on the Manitou Incline is currently not permitted. Permits may be issued in the future once liability issues are resolved. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

6. Filming on Barr Trail
To film on Barr Trail, the main hiking trail to the summit of Pikes Peak, contact the US Forest Service. 
Contact Sue Miller, USDA (smiller 719-477-4222

Fee Waiver or Reduction
Some organizations may qualify for a fee reduction or waiver.